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          Various Transformers For Switching Power Supply

          Various Transformers For Switching Power Supply

            Customized according to customer's request.

          • 產品規格

          •Vertical/Horizontal, Various Shape Transformers
              for switching power supply
          •Design Support For Fly-back, Forward, Half-Bridge, Full Bridge,
              Push-Pull, Resonant, Quasi-Resonant Transformers
              Customized Design      
          •1500V, 3000V, 4500V, 6000V, 10000V insulation classes
          •Amorphous, Ferrite, High Q magnetic materials
          •Various Shielding and Mounting and assembly
          •Frequency Range: 30K~800KHZ
          •Power Range: 2000W∼30KW
          •High-Reliable Manufacturing and Winding Craft


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