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          10kv∼36kv Class Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer

          10kv∼36kv Class Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer


            Single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers (Another name: Single-phase American box-type transformers) will focus on traditional box-type housing design, with features of small size, light weight, low noise level, low loss, high reliability, hermetically sealed, fully insulated, compact structure, beautiful appearance, volume is only 1/3 of the box-type substation (European box-type transformer). No distribution room, can be directly placed in the indoor or outdoor, can also be placed in the streets and the green belt and reliably ensure personal safety, both power supply facilities, but also decorate the environment. Widely used in residential areas, commercial centers, stations, airports, factories, businesses, hospitals, schools and other places.

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          Main features

          (1)Single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers are fully sealed, fully insulated, safe and reliable, small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, the volume is only about 1/3 of the pad-mounted substation (European box-type transformer). Without power distribution room, can be placed indoors or outdoors, and can also be placed on both sides of the street and the green belt, to ensure the personal safety of both the power supply facilities, but also decorate the environment.

          (2)Can be used to power the terminal and ring network power supply, the conversion is very convenient, to ensure the reliability of supply, flexibility.

          (3)Full range of dual fuse protection, greatly reducing operating costs. Cable head live action, there is a strong overload capacity. Box made of special treatment, with good corrosion resistance.

          (4)10kV bushing cable head repeatedly plug in 200A-load current, load switch in an emergency situation to make, and the isolation switch features. High flash point oil, eliminate fire hazards.

          (5)Using domestic 9-type, 11-type distribution transformers, low loss, low noise level, long service life.

          (6) Accessories: HV bay-one fuse, sensing fuse, isolation link, LV circuit breaker, pressure release valve, oil indicator, oil filling valve, tap changer, load switch and so on.

          Technical Data for 10kV∼36kV Class Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer

          TypeRating(kVA)HVTapping Range (%)LVLoss (W)Weight (kg)
          No Load LossFull Load LossOilWeightTotalWeight
          15kVA1533000/1900030000/1732013800/ 796713200/762012000/ 653011000/6350±2×2.5%or others120240480or120-240240-4805019545294

          The above parameter is only for reference as typical data, customer-made is subject to customers’ request. 

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